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Brief Description Link Category
The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) http://www.cbie.ca/index.html University / Institutes - International
The Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies (CISS) http://www.ciss.ca/ University / Institutes - International
Austrian Institute for Advanced Studies http://www.ihs.ac.at/fin/finix/direct.html University / Institutes - International
The Centre of International Relations - University of British Columbia http://www.iir.ubc.ca/ University / Institutes - International
The Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism (PICT) http://www.pict.mq.edu.au/ University / Institutes - International
The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute http://www.sipri.org/ University / Institutes - International
The University of Calgaryís Centre for Military and Strategic Studies mission is to promote and develop excellence in military, security and defence studies from a Canadian and international perspective http://www.stratnet.ucalgary.ca/ University / Institutes - International
The Centre for International and Security Studies is a research unit of York University dedicated to the study of international peace and security issues http://www.yorku.ca/yciss/ University / Institutes - International
Eagletonís Center for Public Interest Polling (CPIP), also known as the Eagleton Poll http://eagletonpoll.rutgers.edu/ University / Institutes - US
The Institute of International Studies promotes interdisciplinary research in international, comparative, and policy studies on the Berkeley campus of the University of California http://globetrotter.berkeley.edu/ University / Institutes - US
The Public Technology Institute offers a variety of technology products and services to assist local governments in addressing their technology needs http://pti.nw.dc.us/ University / Institutes - US
Birmingham Civil Rights Institute - Inspired by our civil rights past, our mission is to encourage communication and reconciliation of human rights issues worldwide, and to serve as a depository for civil rights archives and documents. http://www.bcri.org/ University / Institutes - US
The Carter Center, in partnership with Emory University, is committed to advancing human rights and alleviating unnecessary human suffering http://www.cartercenter.org/ University / Institutes - US
the Commonwealth Institute, an independent, non-profit, non-governmental public policy research center doing critical studies in the fields of international security, inequality and poverty http://www.comw.org/ University / Institutes - US
Harvard National Model United Nations( international negotiation) http://www.hnmun.org/ University / Institutes - US
The International Institute for Sustainable Development (international trade and investment, economic policy, climate change, measurement and assessment, and natural resources management) http://www.iisd.org/ University / Institutes - US
The ISNís mission is to promote global security and cooperation http://www.isn.ethz.ch/ University / Institutes - US
The political science web pages at Loyola College in Maryland http://www.loyola.edu/dept/politics/intel.html University / Institutes - US
Institute for the Advanced Study of Information Warfare http://www.psycom.net/iwar.1.html University / Institutes - US
Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies Stanford University http://www-iis.stanford.edu/ University / Institutes - US